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The Boating Life - February 2013

Fellow Boaters -

Boat Show, Boat Show, Boat Show, Boat Show

Seems like I've been going from one show to the next this past month and the forecast for February is the same.   

We kicked off the Boat Show season with our annual conference in Charleston with all 6 of our locations.  Check out the photo below of all our Boat Specialists, General Managers and my brother Rick and me.

Our Hall Marine Boat Specialists and General Managers at our 2013 Conference in Charleston in January

The season has started off very quick.  We've been fortunate to assist over 55 new boat owners in the past few weeks.  It's great to see so many folks feeling good about our country again!

So, on to the boating fun:

  • Salty Boating Tips from our Hall Marine Team


  • Maintenence Items You Don't Want to Overlook


  • More Pooches on the Water from our Hall Marine Family


  • Meet Deni Huffman from our Charleston location


  • And of course, we start with a little boating fun...

Hall Marine
Boat Preview

Click Links Below to View Our Hall Marine Yacht Center Video Walk-Thrus

2012 Sea Ray 470 SunDancer

2011 Sea Ray
540 SunDancer

2013 Meridian
541 Sedan Bridge

2011 Sea Ray
580 SunDancer

2013 Sea Ray
410 SunDancer

2012 Meridian
341 Sedan Bridge

2012 Meridian
391 Sedan Bridge

Click Links Below to View More New Video Boat Walk-Thru

2012 Sea Ray

2013 Sea Ray
220 SunDeck

2012 Sea Ray
240 SunDancer

2012 Sea Ray
280 SunDancer

2013 Harris
240 Cruiser

2012 Harris
250 Grand Mariner
w/ 150HP

Boats for Sale

2005 Sea Ray
185 Sport

2006 Sea Ray
380 SunDancer
199,000 or

2004 Sea Ray
280 SunDancer
64,995 or

2005 Sea Ray
200 Sport

2010 Sea Ray
185 Sport w/ Trailer

2009 Sea Ray
240 SunDeck

A Little Boating Fun


Skipper's Corner - Salty Boating Tips

Our General Managers at our 6 Hall Marine Locations have decades of boating experience to share.  Here are some of their best "Insider Boating Tips"

  • Use WD-40 to remove and limit rust stains on fittings and drains on fiberglass boats.


  • Use a solution of 1/4 vinegar to 3/4 water to clean upholstery in your boat.  It will keep it clean and supple because vinegar will not dry out your upholstery like an alcohol based cleaner.


  • Use Convertible Top Water Sealer available at most auto parts stores on your canvas and bimini top to maintain water repellent qualities.


  • Freeze several water bottles overnight, then add to bottom of the cooler when packing.  They will help the ice last much longer and you'll have an ice cold water at the end of the day.


  • Carry a safety kit with extra fuses, flashlight, first aid kit and emergency kit at all times.  It could keep a minor issue from ending a great day of boating fun.


To share your own "Salty Boating Tips" email your Hall Marine Boat Specialist to be included in a future edition.

Hall Marine Boat Specialist - $ASSIGNED_EMP_PHONE

Sell Your Boat Quick & EZ, Call to Learn How

We buy boats for cash within 3 days or offer a convenient brokerage service for those looking to get the most money in their pocket with virtually no work.

Don't waste time emailing everyone who wants to know "How many hours", waiting on the docks for buyers who don't show up or messing with paperwork and hoping the cashier's check is good.

Give your Hall Marine sales person a call to learn how they can handle everything for you and sell your boat quicker and easier.


Service Tip of the Month - Preventative Maintenance

As with any mechanical device, preventative maintenance is always a cheaper path than fixing a problem that could have been avoided.

Here are 4 preventative maintenance steps that should be performed on your outboard or inboard/outboard (I/O).

  1.  Change your impeller or water pump
  2.  Change your engine oil and gear lube
  3.  Change your fuel filter or separator
  4.  Pull your boat to clean bottom and inspect stern drives (boats left in the water)

The maintenance schedules vary from engine to engine however keeping up to date will save you missed boating time and a chunk of change.

To check your maintenance schedule, call you local Hall Marine Service Department or check your owners manual for details.

Hall Marine Service Department - 

Meet Hall Marine Charleston Team Member -
Deni Huffman
Deni joined our Charleston store about 12 years ago and helps with a little bit of everything. When you call down to the store, you will usually hear her happy voice on the other end of the line.

Growing up as an Air Force Brat, she's lived all over the place but loves Charleston because of all the water. That love for water is what brought her to the boating industry.

In addition to helping the sales and service guys in Charleston, Deni also assist all 6 locations with their printing and marketing needs. When she is not working, Deni is usually home taking care of her little kids.  Here is one of them, Barney:

If you call down to the Charleston location, be sure to say 'Hi'.
Hall Marine Photo Contest - Dogs on the Water

Thanks for all the submissions of your dogs on the water, they keep coming in... and we love it!

If you have a fun picture of your Pooch on the water, email it to $ASSIGNED_EMP_EMAIL to be included in future issues.

Next issue, we will be featuring 'Your Kiddos on the Water'.  If you have any fun pics of your kids boating, doing water sports or just plain having fun, email them to your Boat Specialist.  Or,

Hall Marine Calendar of Events
Charlotte Area Mid-Atlantic Boat Show
February 7th to 10th

Charlotte Uptown Convention Center

Columbia Boat Show
February 8th to 10th
South Carolinas State Fair Grounds

Savannah Boat Show
March 1st to 3rd
Savannah Convention Center

Charlotte Power Squadron - Boating Safety Course
Saturday, April 13th
Hall Marine Lake Wylie & Lake Wylie Marina

Charlotte Power Squadron - Boating Safety Course
Saturday, May 11th
Hall Marine Lake Wylie & Lake Wylie Marina

Well, that does it for another edition of The Boating Life.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did putting it together for you.

If your at the Charlotte, Columbia or Savannah boat show in the coming weeks, stop in to say 'Hi'.  We'd love to see you and talk boats in person.

As always, if there is any way we can be of service, give us a call or drop us an email. 

Jeff Hall
Boat Specialist



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